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Come and learn a process as demonstrated on nationally televised Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on November 20, 2013:

Chuck Jimmy Fallon

Image created using the Copywritten process developed by the instructor!! The same process used in criminal cases for over 25 years, and the same process taught to participants in this training!!

Limmy Fallon Result

Second Week of July Annually

Introduction to Composite Art, Getting Started: An introductory course in the field of composite image making. Participants will be introduced to a simplified approach to making a composite image, and will be supplied with all the requisite tools and techniques to complete a composite image of a suspect. Participants should have a solid base of drawing ability. This week long course work is very drawing intensive, and participants can anticipate completing 12 to 14 facial images. When compared to other course offerings that only offer 5, to as few as (believe it or not) 1 image in a week. Westwood Forensic Imaging’s training is far superior and a much better value.

Third week of July Annually

Composite Imaging II: (Prerequisite training: Westwood Forensic Imaging’s Introduction to Composite Art, Getting Started / Other trainer’s coursework can be submitted for prerequisite requirement consideration) This coursework will challenge participants to make composite images of simulated suspects with irregular facial features, scars, skin affectations and many different types of accessories. Participants, in certain class sizes, can focus their training on areas they feel they have a particular weakness ie. hair, accessories, certain ethnicities or genders, etc.  This coursework also includes an element of digital imaging should participants have a desire to try making a composite image on a Cintiq tablet.

Both week long offerings are only available to current law enforcement employees regardless of position. (eg. Dispatcher/Court Clerk/Records Clerk/ Parking Enforcement / Full Time or Special Officer)

Times:                          0830 to 1630 hours

Location:                     Westmont Fire Company No.1

120 Haddon Ave.Westmont, NJ 08108


Given by:                    Westwood Forensic Imaging

Instructed by:              Charles T. Jackson, Composite Imaging Instructor

Course Fee:                $650.00 (Lowest course fee for COMPLETE training in the US)

Contact Instructor at:  856-287-2608 or at ForensicArtCTJ@gmail.com for complete details and registration information.

Seat Limitation:    In all offered courses  10

2020 in person sessions are cancelled due to COVID19 concerns. Contact Instructor for remote learning opportunities.