Encouraging the Future

by Charles T. Jackson

Well, since there’s been quite a lot of unexpected backlash on the social networks regarding my two previous posts, I though I’d do a third and address the overriding concern that I am “discouraging” those potential students that seek the training first

, and then get into law enforcement after. Oddly enough, the student that inspired all of these posts said the same thing, and I addressed it thusly…I referred her to a “competitor” in the field with no law enforcement limitations. In fact I referred her to TWO other sources of composite imaging training with no law enforcement limitations.

I have made similar referrals in each case that I have come across wherein the student very much wants to get some training in the field

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, and due to limitations in my training, could not participate. As no good deed ever goes unpunished, one of the instructors that I referred the student to felt the need to make a Facebook post announcing how her training is available to beginning students “without limitation” and as usual, a firestorm of emotional reactions erupted that also as usual strayed into other personal attacks that could have easily been avoided if the initial reactionary post had not been made.

In the United States, there are as few as seven training sources in the field of composite imaging. I have made referrals to each of the five other main trainers since I started my training

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, and as one of the sources is quite new I haven’t had a chance yet. This is something that I do because I, just as much as any trainer in the field, want to encourage students to pursue their dreams as far as they possibly can. I don’t have to do this, but I do anyway because it’s the right thing to do.

Frankly, I am glad that issue came up, because there’s a simple answer to the question, as there always seems to be. Thank you again for your interest.